Friday, April 15, 2011


I took 2 great, safe rides yesterday. I rode first to the library (standard for me since I love to read & watch movies for free) and the second was to Jim's moms house. The trip to the library is almost 3 miles round trip and the long way I take to Lottie's house is a little over 3 miles. The total for the day was just over 6 miles and that upped my overall total to 18.6 miles since I started on 04/08/2011! Not to bad for a girl who is more than 100 pounds overweight, I think! I have found that I love riding through neighborhoods. Looking at the great houses and having people actually wave to me! I didn't think anyone still did that in the city! I don't know if it is because I'm a 40 something riding a retro bike, taking my time (sorta) and looking around? I don't know. But I like it! I have mapped out a route I want to take, following a city made trail that is about 4 miles. My next goal is to buy a camera, so I can take pictures on my rides!

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